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Puppies are so adorable and the first choice for many pet parents when considering adding a fur baby to the family. It is not always the best choice for everyone. There are many instances when a senior dog may just be the perfect fit for your family. Here are some things to take in consideration when determining if a senior dog is right for you:

Calm verses High Energy – while a puppy is sweet they ARE a handful. An older dog provides friendship and love without needing you to chase them around the house. If you are looking for a companion to cuddle with as opposed to go hiking with, you may want to consider adopting a senior dog.

Housebroken and Content - The puppyhood headaches of housetraining are well behind a senior dog, and leisurely walks are just fine. Senior dogs are likely to already know how to sit and stay as well, and if they still like to play fetch they are probably great with bringing the ball pack as opposed to mischievous puppies who often find it more fun for YOU to chase them to get the ball back.

Loving and Thankful – Very often a senior dog is surrendered because their owner has passed on or can no longer take care of them. By welcoming an older dog into your family you are giving them the stability and family life that they so deserve and they will reward that kindness with their loyalty and love.

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