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Before you submit an application to adopt one of our dogs, we require that you clearly understand that you may NOT give away or rehome the dog that you adopt and the dog MUST be allowed to be an

indoor dog.

The name of the dog that you are interested in

How did you hear about this dog?*

First and Last Name*

Email Address*



Best number to reach you*

Your Occupation*

Your Employer*

Name of Spouse/ Partner

List members of household including age


Member #2


Member #3


Member #4


Member #5


Have you ever owned pets before?*

List pets you currently own by species/ gender/ spayed or neutered*

Is anyone in your home allergic to dogs or cats?*

Do you own or rent your home?*

How long have you lived at your current address?*

Do you have a pool?*

Can you provide proof that your landlord or HOA allows pets?*

Where will you keep your pet during the daytime?*

Where will your pet sleep at night?*

How will you care for your pet during overnight family absences and vacations?*

What type/ brand of dog food do you plan to feed your dog?*

Do you have a fenced yard?*

How will you ensure your pet's safety?*

About what percent of the time will the dog be left alone?*

Where will your dog spend his/ her time when alone?*

What will you do if your dog is destructive when left alone?*

Do you plan to use a crate?*

Who will be your regular veterinarian?*

Vet's address & phone number*

Have you ever surrendered, sold or given away your pet to an animal shelter or rescue group?*

If yes, why?

Has anyone in your immediate family or household ever been convicted of a charge related to cruelty to animals, domestic violence or child abuse?*

Are there any charges pending now?

Please provide 3 references including phone number*

Reference #2*

Reference #3*

Why do you want a dog?*

If something were to happen to you, what provisions do you have set in place to take care of your pets?*

May we do a home-check prior to adoption?*

Do you have any more information?

By submitting this application, I agree that I have answered the questions to the best of my knowledge and have not knowingly submitted false or misleading replies. I understand that Tammye Schillinger reserves the right to refuse adoption to any applicant.

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