2 Crue Rescue


 Titus was once a “Code Red” dog at the Riverside shelter. He was going to be euthanized.

Titus is now living the best life a dog could only dream of thanks to Mike Peterson.

He is very spoiled and the Peterson family loves Titus so much!


Sweet little Missy has been adopted!

Karen adopted Farley from us in 2017. We’re so happy that she came back to adopt another dog.

Farley and Missy have a wonderful life thanks to Karen and her family.


CiCi was adopted by an amazing family!

As you can see in this picture, she fits in there family perfectly!

I especially want to thank Ashley for welcoming

CiCi into your home.

Pit bulls are excellent companions when you give them a chance.


Molly has been adopted!

Molly came into Rick’s life when he needed

her the most.

Molly, who was once a death row dog, needed someone to love her forever;

therefore they make the perfect match!

Rick and Molly are enjoying life

in Laguna Beach.


Kesh (far left) is showing off his new family.

Kesh was adopted by a family in Canada and life has never been sweeter!

He will never be lonely again.

Kesh especially enjoys his daily hikes!

This dog is 100% Canadian and he couldn’t be happier


We are very happy to announce that

Rusty has been adopted!


We also want to thank Rusty’s new family 

Claude & Renee Comsnt for wanting to add

a rescue dog into their home.


Rusty will be sharing his home with an

extremely sweet senior Queensland Heeler

named “Sadie” and 3 horses.


 Hope was adopted!

Hope is the second dog that Ron and Kim Collins

has adopted from 2 Crue Rescue.


Hope definitely hit the lotto with this family.

We were so excited that they wanted

to adopt another dog.

Hope will be sharing her home with a

Pit bull named Faith. 

A very special Thank you to the Collins Family!


Fred has been adopted!

Fred has been patiently waiting for a home and we are very happy to announce that he has found it!

We were waiting for the perfect home

for this little dog.

We especially want to thank Doug McCasey and his wife for welcoming Fred into their family.


Coco has finally got a wonderful family

that she has been waiting for…


Thank you Alicia for adopting Coco!

This sweet little Chihuahua will never be

alone because she  will be sharing a

home with 2 other dogs.


Mrs. Beasley has a forever home!

This 12 year old Chihuahua has been

adopted by a very sweet lady

named Shirley.

The two of them immediately bonded and we

knew that Shirley was the adopter that

Mrs. Beasley has been waiting for!



"Parker" our little cattle dog mix

                   pup has been adopted!

Elizabeth and her husband had

             recently lost there dog due to 

           old age and  they were so excited

                    to adopt Parker.

   We couldn't ask for a better family than this!

Parker will be living with his

           wonderful family in Camarillo.


We rescued Buddy from The Riverside Shelter. He was there because he was confiscated due         to animal cruelty.

This dog has had a hard life but that has all changed! Buddy was adopted by Angelic & Chris and they have showered Buddy with so much love! 

He's living a great life and has the perfect home. They a truly the angels that Buddy has been waiting for.


This gorgeous dog was on the kill list at the

Riverside animal shelter.


Fortunately we were able to save her.


She was adopted by Tammy Wilkerson and

 she was named Sassy.


Sassy has a great home with lots of love and we

couldn’t be happier!


We are so happy to announce that Gypsy has been adopted by a wonderful family!

We found Gypsy on death-row. Her original owner used her for breeding and when she was to old to have puppies he dumped her to be killed at the shelter. She was no longer any use to him.

Gypsy is a great dog and she finally has the home she deserves!

A very special THANK YOU to the Horton family

for giving this awesome dog the love she has been waiting for.


Fabian has been adopted by the kind of

 family that dogs dream of!


Fabian was on death-row at the Riverside Shelter.

 We knew that he just needed more time than the shelter would allow so we decided to rescue him.


This dog truly has a wonderful life and

owners who love and adore him.

Rescued dogs make the BEST pets!



“Pebbles” who was the tiny little runt of

the Flintstones litter

has been adopted by a wonderful woman.

Thank you Deborah for giving this little pup

 a loving home!


Betty and Wilma have found

there forever home!

Bob and his wife couldn’t make up there

mind which puppy to adopt so they


decided to adopt both of them !



Barney has been Adopted!

One of the male pups from the Flintstones litter

has been adopted by a great family!

His new family was so excited to take him home.

Thank you for adding Barney

into your family.


A very special Thank you to my friend Tammy

for adopting this little puppy for her daughter.

I know this puppy will always be safe and he

will have a wonderful home but most

of all this dog will be truly loved!


It was Doodle’s lucky day!


Doodle the Poodle was adopted by an

amazing family.


The Anderson Family


Doodle will also have a Labradoodle

named “Luna” for a companion.


We will miss him, but we are so happy that Doodle has a wonderful home!


We are so happy to announce that Buddy

has the forever home that he’s been waiting for!


We found Buddy on death-row at the Moreno Valley Shelter. We’re not sure how he ended up there but we’re glad we could save him.


A very special Thank you to the

Waegner Family for adopting this sweet little dog!


Spanky, our sweet senior has been

adopted by Leila Price and her husband.


Spanky has been renamed to “Spunky”


They were so excited to get this little dog that

they drove through the recent storm to get him.


We are thrilled that “Spunky Price” has

finally found the perfect home!



Our little Bambi was adopted January 1, 2018

by a wonderful family.


What a great way to start the year off!


Bambi is now a member of the Gerome family.


This little Chihuahua was once a death-row dog.

Now Bambi has a good life with a loving family.


A very special Thank you to Tammy Russo

 for fostering Bambi


Lucy has a new home thanks to Tom Cory.

This sweet Pit bull has been renamed

to "Lucy Lu"

She is safe and loving life and we can’t thank

Tom enough for adopting her!


This sweet 1 year old Lab was an inmate at the

San Jacinto Animal Shelter.

She is now a loving family member at the

Goff residence.

This dog’s name is “Baby Girl” and we want to

Thank Chris and Angela for adopting this

very special girl!


Tank has found his forever home in

Rancho Cucamonga, CA


He is the newest member to join the

Simonis family.


Thank you very much Felicia for giving this

amazing dog the loving home that he deserves!


This gorgeous 1 year old dog

        named "Baby" was on death-row at the 

               Riverside Animal Shelter.  

       She is now living a care-free life with

               a family that loves her

                        in Oregon.

         A very special THANK YOU to

      Rosamond Schafer and also to Terry with

     Wiggle Butt Transport for helping Baby to

            safely get to her new family.

  There are so many dogs wonderful dogs just like Baby at the shelter waiting to be rescued but

           sadly they are euthanized.



This 12 yr old sweetheart was adopted

by Sheilin Hubbard.

It’s very rare when you find an adopter who

wants an old dog.

Sheilin is Allie’s angel because she is committed to making the rest of Allie’s life the very best it

can be.


Thank you Sheilin for opening your home & your

heart to this very special dog!


           Clyde has been adopted!

 He has a new and wonderful life ahead of          him living in Corona del Mar!

Clyde became one lucky dog when

Thierry adopted him.

This dog was once living a terrible life. Animal Control had to confiscate him. We rescued him before he was euthanized and this gentleman with a huge heart adopted him.  End of story...



Farley was once a “death-row” dog but

thanks to Karen Calvillo Farley is

now a “family member”.

We’re not sure of Farley’s past

but what we do know is that he

never had any stability in his life.

Farley can finally feel safe and loved

        and he has a family of his very own!


Faith hit the lotto when she was adopted

 by Ron & Kim Collins.

This sweet pit bull that was once a death-row dog

is now a very spoiled dog!

Faith has a great family that loves her unconditionally!


This is Mike and Kris with their little adopted

fur baby “PeeWee”

We rescued PeeWee when Teresa Allsup-Wheel found out that PeeWee was shelter bound

and intercepted him.

As you can see, this family is very happy.

Thank you Mike & Kris for giving this little

dog a wonderful home!


Rico was adopted by a family that has a

dog that looks exactly like him.

Rico is on the right giving kisses to his new sister.

Thank you Natalie & Shaun Brown for giving this little dog a forever home.



Winston was adopted by one of the sweetest women I have ever had the pleasure of meeting!

Ruth was so happy & emotional to have Winston as her companion. Winston will have such an awesome life.

Who has the bigger smile? Winston or Ruth?

A very special Thank you to Ruth’s son Yens for making this adoption one of the best that I have ever experienced!


Roscoe has been adopted!

He is now a member of the DePoorter family!

Roscoe was patiently waiting for a

family to call his very own… that’s when

  Cheyl Depoorter contacted us to adopt this

                      sweet boy. 


Thank you so much for welcoming

Roscoe into your home!


This precious little puppy has found

a wonderful home!

His new mom is Jessica Marttila.

Jessica works in animal advocacy

so this little pup

scored the perfect mom!

xo xo xo


Lola (aka Lucy) foster mom, Annette

           made the decision to adopt Lucy

           and make this sweet little dog a

              permanent family member.

         Annette is showering Lucy with love

            and teaching her to trust again. 

        Thank you Annette for adopting Lucy.

            You're the angel this dog has  

                    been waiting for !


This sad, homeless, tick-infested dog

has a “happily ever after” ending to

the miserable life she was living.

Snoopy was adopted by a loving family

who absolutely adore her.

She will never

be hungry or neglected again.

Thank you Cindy!



         Kesh has found his forever home! 

    Thank you so much to the Vega family for  

       making Kesh a member of their family! 

      Kesh has a loving home with kids to play

           with and another dog to run with.


2 dogs= 1 family!

So very happy to announce that

Peaches (on the right) &  Addie (white dog) were adopted into the same family!

They will be sharing a home with another

shih tzu (on the left)

Both dogs are going to be well loved

and very spoiled.

We wish that all dogs could be as

lucky as Peaches and Addie.


Hershey has been adopted!

Just a couple months ago, Hershey was

scheduled to be euthanized at the

Devore Animal Shelter.

We couldn't let that happen....

This sweet senior was adopted by  a

local family and will be living in

Menifee, California

We are really going to miss Hershey

because he is such an awesome dog!

xo xo


Stevie has found his forever home!

He was adopted by Sage Cattabriga-Alosa

who is a professional skier.

Therefore, Stevie is now a permanent

resident in the beautiful town

of Bend, Oregon.

Stevie is going to have a great life

with Sage and his family.

The best things in life are rescued!


             Droopy has been adopted!

This very handsome pit bull is now a resident

of British Columbia.

His new owner Kala, says that it was love at first sight. She said Droopy is the most amazing dog she has ever met.

We are so happy for Droopy and Kala.

 I am especially grateful to Kala for wanting to rescue a dog instead of purchasing one from a

 breeder or from a pet store.



Blackie was betrayed by his owner and

dumped at the San Bernardino Shelter.


We rescued him so that he

could have a second chance at life.


Yvonne Murray adopted this sweet dog and

now Blackie knows what true love is!


“Jesse” was rescued and immediately adopted

                by the Abbott family.

She has been renamed to “Maddy” and has a

     wonderful home with another Shepherd pup

         that they rescued named “Parker

    Thank you Brandon & Jennifer for choosing

                      rescue dogs!


We are very happy to announce that

Piper has been adopted!


She’s been adopted by a retired couple who can spend lots of time with her.


As you can see, Piper is happy!


They currently have no other animals,

 Therefore, Piper is getting all of their attention.

 She is already one spoiled girl!

Rescue dogs make the best pets!


        My daughter adopted “Brownie” on

Christmas Day.

This puppy has a family that

                  absolutely adores her.

           I wish that all dogs could be as

                   lucky as Brownie!  

                       xo  xo  xo


We have another Foster Fail!

Nibbles was once a death-row dog at the

Riverside Animal Shelter.

Fortunately we had a foster available, so we were able to rescue Nibbles.

 Jed fostered Nibbles and fell in love with

this little dog.

Jed provided Nibbles with a wonderful home

and lots of love and he knew that he

couldn’t give Nibbles up.

Jed decided to make Nibbles a

permanent member of his family!


 Zoey was sitting on death-row at the

 San Bernardino City Animal Shelter with an

 acute skin condition.

 Kim Wilbur & her family fostered Zoey and

 nursed her back to health.

 Fortunately for Zoey, this dog became a “Foster Fail”. God Bless the Wilbur Family for everything they have done for this dog. As you can see, Zoey is gorgeous, happy & so loved!


The little puppy that we called “Shorty”

          was adopted by the Vega Family.

Shorty is the only dog in this family so he is

                   getting extra-spoiled.

          He also has 3 kids to play with him.

                          xoxo  xoxo

       I want to thank Nelson and Stephanie Vega

    for making Shorty a member of their family!


Winnie has been adopted!

After waiting patiently for 9 months, our

senior rescue dog “Winnie” has found a

great home.

We are so grateful to Kim Lopez for wanting

to adopt a senior dog.

 Winnie deserves a family that will

 love her and shower her with attention

and she has found exactly that!



Odin has a forever home!

The smiles on their faces shows how

     excited they were to adopt this awesome pup!


Odin is now a member of the Hoy family.


We want to thank Christine for giving Odin

              the loving home he deserves!


Our sweet little brindle puppy

was adopted by a wonderful family!


Her new family has named

her “Keira”


They took Keira to Petco so that

she could pick out her new toys.


This dog is going to have a great life

filled with lots of love!


Puzzle has been adopted!

Thank you Shannon for giving our

precious Puzzle a loving home.


Puzzle has everything that dogs

dream of…

A family that will love him

and a fur-brother to play with.


Another one of our pups have

been adopted!

This little puppy that we called

 “Gunner” will be living in Oceanside

with an awesome family.



Beanie has been adopted!

This dog was scheduled to be killed at Devore Animal Shelter. Now Beanie is living in Canada where he has 18 acres to run and play.

We are very grateful to John (Beanie’s new owner) for giving him lots

of love and a great home that Beanie deserves!


One of our precious little puppies

has been adopted!


The little “Brindle Boy” has found his

forever home in San Diego, CA


Thank you to the wonderful and dedicated

ladies at Dream Team Angels Rescue!


Birdie has a home of her very own!

This sweet little dog was homeless

                and living on the street.

Now Birdie has a home that most

                     dogs dream of

Thank you Anna for adopting her

You have changed Birdie's life!


Rocky has found his forever home with

               Courtney and Christopher.

As you can see, Rocky will not be alone.

      They have been looking for a companion

                  for their other Boxer.

Rocky fell in love with this family instantly.

Thank you Courtney & Chris for choosing Rocky!


              Raisin has found her forever home ! 

She was adopted by the same family

        that adopted our little chiweenie that

              we rescued named “Gracie”


Raisin came to us as a very skinny stray dog

             but that is all behind her now


Raisin is now Gracie’s companion.


Both dogs are living a good life

with lots of love!


Here’s a picture of Coco with her

new family.


Coco waited a very long time for

her dream to come true.


Coco’s dream of having her very own

 family to love is now reality!


Bo is now a member of the

                      French Family.

 He has a great future ahead of him

                   with a loving family.


Bo has a doggie sister

               (2 ½ yr King Cavalier mix)

                 named Gabby to play with.


        Thank you Michelle for adopting Bo.  


Our first puppy (from a litter of 9)

has been adopted!


She was adopted by Chris our beloved Vet tech

           over at Lincoln Plaza Veterinary Clinic

                in Riverside, California 


This little Brindle Beauty has a great home with 

       a wonderful and responsible pet owner.


                   Thank you Chris!


Hennessy (aka Angel) the 12 yr old senior

rescued from San Jacinto Shelter was adopted.


Hennessy is living in Tarzana with 2

other senior dogs.

Thank you Don Hoog for opening up your home &

your heart to this very sweet girl.

                Senior dogs make great pets!


Hunter, the handsome Rhodesian Ridgeback

has found a wonderful home in

Mission Viejo, CA


Hunter shows his appreciation with

lots of wet kisses!


Thank you to the Smead family for

adopting Hunter.


Peppe has been adopted !

Peppe has been waiting a very long time

for a home of his very own


He’s one of 2 Crue Rescue’s oldest dogs.

Well, the wait is over!

 Megan adopted this senior dog and

 and gave him a new lease on life.


Thank you Megan, you are truly Peppe’s hero!


Rachel was adopted by a great

family in Canada!

We couldn’t be happier for her.


We rescued Rachel from death row

and now she is living a wonderful life.

We wish all pit bulls could get

 a second chance and be

as lucky as Rachel.



Gigi has a forever home!

We rescued Gigi from the Riverside Animal  Shelter.

Her new mom Yolanda had recently lost her beloved pet and was looking for a little dog to love.

What a perfect match!


Penelope was adopted by a compassionate

woman named Susan.

Penelope had a very rough life before we found her and we knew it was going to take someone special to help her. God was listening and sent us Susan.

We are so proud of the progress Penelope has made. Thank you Susan for your love, patience

and devotion.


Sophie has been adopted by a phenomenal

 couple who live in Orange County, CA

Jackie and Frank were beyond my expectations for

 being the perfect fit for our precious one-eyed Sophie.

 It was hard to let this little dog go but I know that she is where she is supposed to be.

Thank you to the Miller family for giving Sophie

a wonderful home!


Gracie has found her “forever family”

and she immediately made herself

right at home!

Here she is being held by Rachel.

Were so happy that Rachel and

her husband picked this special

pup to adopt!


Bella has been adopted by

a wonderful family!


This pup is being showered with

 so much love. We couldn’t

 ask for a better family.


Bella will be living a great life.


We are so thankful to David & Deborah Hollo

 for choosing a “rescue” dog!


Our precious Ellie has found her forever home!

We rescued Ellie from the Riverside Animal Shelter.

As you can see in this picture, Ellie is very

happy to be adopted.

Ellie gave her new mom Molly a big wet kiss!

Thank you Molly for choosing Ellie to be your

 loyal companion.

Ellie will always be a very special dog to

2 Crue Rescue!


Sadie, our 9 week old puppy has

been adopted!

Here she is with her new family.

John (who is holding Sadie) surprised

his kids when he brought her home.

At this moment, Sadie is the only dog

in this family so she is being spoiled like crazy.

Sadie has a great life and we couldn't of asked

 for more!


We have a Foster Fail!

Our awesome foster Stephane Marchais

 took Sophie into his home so that she

 wouldn’t be dumped in a shelter.

Stephane fell in love with Sophie and decided

 to adopt her.

Thank you Stephane.

Sophie is one lucky dog!


Lady has been adopted!

At one time, this pup was on death row at

Devore Animal shelter. 


Look at her now…

Lady is now a member of the Hawkes family!

A very special Thank you Brandi & Brian

for welcoming Lady

in to your home!


Dozer has been adopted by his foster family!

 The Womack family couldn’t let Dozer go

 and decided to add him to their family.

 Dozer is very lucky to have such a wonderful  home!


Mona has found a family she can call

her very own!

We rescued Mona within hours of being

euthanized at the San Bernardino

City Animal Shelter.

Look at her now…

She has a great family and a second

chance at life.

A very special Thank you to the

Kilcher family for adding Mona

to your family!


We are so very happy to announce that

          our sweet boy Brett has been adopted!


Brett is extra special to us because this

               dog is perfect in every way.


Brett will always be loved and as

          you can see, he will always have a

                 companion by his side.



Remember Hercules the handsome

pit bull who was on death row at the

Riverside Animal Shelter? 


He has been adopted!

Here he is receiving a kiss from his

new sister “Piper”

A great big thank you to Candi Harper

 for wanting this awesome dog to be

a member of your family!

Hercules will be living with his new family

in Redondo Beach, CA


Daisy has found her forever home

 with the Girard family.

This is what true rescue team work is all about!

Thank you Andrea Jennings for all your

dedication and also for being there when Daisy needed you the most.

2 Crue Rescue is honored to be a

 part of Daisy’s adoption.


Jack has been adopted!

We rescued Jack from the San Bernardino City Animal Shelter.

Jack's original owner drove him to a park, tied him to a tree and drove away.

Jack is such a great dog and he's so forgiving.

Our wish came true today! Jack became a member of the Lucas family!

Thank you so much for welcoming this special boy into your home.

We LOVE you Jack!!


Dash hit the lotto (at least the dog’s lotto)

Dash was scheduled to be killed at the

 San Bernardino City Shelter and here he

 is with his new loving family.

Dash is definitely a lucky dog!


Thank you Angela & Christopher for giving

 Dash a second chance at life.


Tomi, the little Chihuahua from

 the Riverside Animal Shelter

 has been adopted.

She is one lucky little dog!

Tomi is now a loving member of

 the McCroskey family.

This is the “happily ever after” Tomi 

 has been waiting for.



The girls have been adopted!!

 Thelma and Louise have been re-named

to Ginger and Biscuit.

The smile on this family’s face says it all!


Ginger & Biscuit have a wonderful

home and we are so happy that

the Jones family picked these dogs to

 be their new family members.


                 Faith has found her forever home!

This little dog was adopted by a loving family

 who had recently lost their dog due to old age.

Richard and Heidi were very excited to

bring Faith into there home.

She is going to have a wonderful life!

Faith will be living with her new family in

Lake Forest, California


Mr. Miyagi has been adopted by

a wonderful lady!

She took one look at this dog and

fell in love!

Zita found her Valentine!

Thank you Zita for giving Mr. Miyagi 

a loving home.


Sparky has been adopted!!

His new family is absolutely awesome!

He is one lucky little dog to of found

such a loving family.

A very special thank you to the Hines family for not only taking Sparky to join your family, but also for your very generous donation!


Rex has been adopted!

 He will be living with his new

 family in San Diego.


They’re very close to the ocean

 so Rex will go on lots of walks

 in the sand.


 A very special Thank you to the

 Greenberg family for wanting to

 give Rex the great life he deserves!


The injured bull dog we rescued

 from the Riverside Animal Shelter has

found a great home!

She was adopted by someone

very close to me… My Son

Thank you Josh for giving this

sweet dog a second chance at life!


Our sweet 10 year old senior dog

named "Buddy" will never see the

inside of a shelter again!

He’s been adopted by a wonderful

lady who will love him for

the rest of his life.

Roberta has given Buddy such a

great home. She cooks his meals and

tends to his every need.


Buddy has found his Angel!!


Our Sweet little Lulu has found her

forever home.

Lulu’s new mom was so excited to adopt her.

What a perfect match…. An incredible home

 for a very special dog!

We want to say Thank you to Cyndi for

rescuing a dog instead of buying

one from a breeder.

Our favorite breed is "Rescued"



Our little Lucky became Luckier now

that he’s found his forever home

in Newport Beach.

This dog was rescued within minutes

of being euthanized at the

Moreno Valley Shelter.

Tanya will keep Lucky safe

and provide him with all the love

that a little dog deserves.

Thank you Tanya for choosing a

"rescue dog"!  They truly are the best

dogs in the world!!


Dante found his forever home in

 Laguna Niguel.

This lucky dog will be the only pup

 in this family so he’s getting spoiled like crazy.

Dante belongs to an awesome family now.

 They will love him and cherish him for the

 rest of his life.

Thank you Christine for adopting this precious

little dog.


A very special Thank You to Diane & Lee

for opening your heart and your home

 to Ripley, our senior pit bull.

Ripley has been one of the best

dogs we have ever rescued from

 death row.

He is living proof

that pit bulls rock...

We love you Ripley!  xoxo


              One of our prior adopters came back

 and adopted another one of our dogs!

Thank you Shanyn and Marcus for adopting

 Cooper and welcoming this little dog into

 your home.

Cooper and Bailey are two very lucky dogs!


Our little Lila has been adopted by

a wonderful family!

Lila was rescued from the Devore

Animal shelter along with her mom

 and 2 sisters.

Lila has a great home in Whittier, California


The best part is she’ll always know that she is loved.


Our sweet little Holly has

 found her forever home!

She was once a stray dog living on

 the streets, and now she is living like

 a queen in Murrieta, CA

She’s lucky to have found such an

 awesome family!




Misty has been adopted

 by her foster family…

The Delaney Family

Misty is a genuine “Foster Fail”

This little dog has a great family

who will love her forever.

There's no doubt that Misty is a happy dog!



Daisy and one of her pups (Ruby) have

 a home for the holidays and forever!

This family was so excited to adopt them.

Just a couple of months ago they were

 going to be killed at the Devore animal shelter.

Now they have a  great home with lots of love!


Our buddy Baxter will be spending the

 holidays in his forever home.

Baxter has a wonderful life ahead of him

 and he will be surrounded with people who

love him.

Thank you Kendra for wanting to share

your life with Baxter.


Lizzie, our little brindle dog from the

Riverside Animal Shelter has finally found her perfect home with the best family we could ever hope for!!

Lizzie will be the only dog in this family so

 she will get lots of love and attention.

We want to thank the Sanchez family

 for choosing a “rescue” dog!


Barney, our sweet little senior

dog has been adopted!


 He has a new family who’s dedicated

to making his life the best it can be.


Thank you Richard and Phyllis

for giving a 10 year old rescue

 dog the loving home that

he deserves.


Our sweet little Bailey has found his forever home!

Thank you Shanyn & Marcus for

adopting this sweet little guy!

Look at the smile on Bailey’s face…

He knows that he will be living a wonderful life.


Roxy has found her forever home!

She will be living in the inland Empire.

Roxy will be living a wonderful life and

she will be loved forever.

Thank you Sarah for giving her a great home!


Our sweet little Maggie has

 a new home!!

We rescued this cutie from

 San Bernardino City Shelter.

She was adopted by a retired couple who

  recently lost their dog due to old age.

Maggie will be the only dog in the

 household so she will be extra spoiled

and she will receive lots of love too!


Pumpkin has been adopted!!

Her new mom may be camera-shy,

but her big sister the Rottie is not.

We intercepted Pumpkin from the

 San Bernardino City Shelter.

Life is good for Pumpkin. Just look at

the smile on her face.

 She has a large yard to play in, a constant

 companion by her side and a family that

 will love her forever.



Our little Ozzie has found his forever home!

This sweet little Terrier was rescued from

 Riverside Animal Shelter.

Ozzie is now living in Coto de Caza.

We will miss Ozzie but we are so

 happy that he has found a great family

  that will love him for the rest of his life!


Sweet little Ginger was adopted!

Just 2 weeks ago Ginger was on death row

at the Riverside Animal Shelter….

Her new family is head over heels

in love with her.

 We know only good things are ahead for her.


Bella has been adopted!!

This gorgeous girl was dumped at the shelter by her owner. She needed rescued or she would be killed.

Bella has a 2nd chance at life. She has a wonderful family to love her and a companion named Georgia to play with.

Life is good!


Kane has been adopted!

We rescued Kane from

San Bernardino City Shelter.

It was obvious that Kane had

 been living a tough life.

Well, all that has changed

 thanks to Joan Salvatore.

Kane will be loved and well taken care

 of and we couldn’t be happier for him.


Thank you Joan for choosing a “rescued” dog!

Now we can save another death-row pup.


Thank you to the Golter family for

 welcoming Quattro into their family.


Quattro will now be called “Sadie”.

This is her first family picture with

 her mom Tyra and her brother Bart.

Quattro (Sadie) is one lucky dog

 to have found such an awesome family!

We love you!!


Our precious Auggie has found his

 forever home in Northern California.

Thank you Becky Delaney for

transporting Auggie to his new home!

We want to thank Linda for

 choosing a rescued dog because

 it helps us save another life.


We are so happy to announce that our

 sweet little Brownie has been adopted!

Brownie was adopted by an awesome lady

 who drove all the way from Washington to

get her.

Brownie (who was once on the list to be

euthanized at San Bernardino City Shelter)

has found her forever home!!



Kaya has been adopted!

Nothing makes us happier than when

one of our dogs has found there

forever home.

Thank you to the Culpepper family for

giving sweet Kaya a wonderful home

with lots of love.

Rescued dogs make the BEST PETS!


Trevor scored the best home ever!

He has a loving family with a great

home and a big yard to run & play in.

His new family drove from

Phoenix, Arizona to adopt him!

Thank you Diane Robinson for

wanting to give this little shelter dog

 a great life.

Trevor we’ll love you forever!


Rocky was adopted by a wonderful woman who traveled from Seattle, Washington to get him.

This little dog was living on the street in San Bernardino  and now he has a safe and wonderful home of his very own!

Thank you so much Glenna for adopting this extra special dog.

We will miss you Rocky!


Lucy, the little toy poodle has found

 her forever home!

Larry is going to see to it that Lucy

 has a great life.

She will be the only pet in the home,

 so she will be pampered and spoiled.

Lucy is a very lucky little girl !

Thank you Larry for wanting to rescue a dog

instead of buying one.


Our sweet little “pocket pit” has been adopted!

 Here’s a picture of Molly with her new

mom (Dale).


As you can see, Molly is one lucky pit bull.


She will be loved and kept safe for the rest of her life.

Thank you Dale for adding Molly to your family.


Buttercup (the little Chiweenie from Riverside Animal Shelter) has been adopted!!

Here she is with her new family.

Buttercup was once a stray dog who ended up on death row.

Now she has a loving family of her very own.

Thank you Angela for choosing a ‘RESCUE DOG”


Tiger, our sweet little Chiweenie has found his forever home!

The Souza family wanted a companion for their dog & Tiger was exactly what they were looking for

Tiger was with 2 Crue Rescue for 5 months.

We are really going to miss this little dog but we’re happy that he found such a great home !


Maycee, the little Maltipoo from Riverside Animal Shelter has been adopted!

Her new family absolutely loves her.

 Maycee  who was once on death row will be spoiled and loved forever.


What more could a little dog ask for?

Thank you Maryon for choosing  a "rescue dog".


Harley was dumped at the Baldwin Park Animal Shelter by his owner.

He was in poor health and was clearly neglected for the past 13 years. He required surgery to remove very painful tumors. He had a tumor on his back that had burst and needed immediate medical attention.

The shelter scheduled him to be killed.

We rescued Harley and he is doing wonderful now. We love this senior dog so much and he will never see the inside of a shelter again!


April has been adopted!!

She was adopted by a wonderful family.

Just 2 weeks ago,  April was going to be killed at the Devore shelter, but now she will live the rest of her life being loved & pampered by the Torres family.


This beautiful Blue-Nose Pit Bull was a puppy- making machine for some sleazy back yard breeder.

After multiple litters, she was dumped in the ghetto area of San Bernardino. They no longer had any need for her. 


We rescued this dog because we wanted her to know what it feels like to be loved.

She has been spayed and officially retired from producing any more puppies.


She is living the life of a princess now and will remain living like that until she takes her very last breath.


Mila, who was abandon by her owner has been adopted by a loving family.

They recently lost their 16 yr old dog and were looking for another dog to love.

They immediately fell in love with Mila and knew that she was the dog that they were looking for.


Tyler has been adopted by a wonderful family.

 The Taylor family fell in love with him.

They do not have any other animals. Therefore, Tyler is getting all of their attention. He is already one spoiled boy.

Tyler is livin’ the good life with his new forever family!


“Chief” (from the Baldwin Park Shelter) found out what it feels like to be loved when the Lewis family adopted him. 

 He is pictured here with his two best friends.

Chief has a loving home in Temecula and he will never see the inside of a shelter again!


Darla was adopted by a family who will love her forever.

Ron & Roberta’s 17 year old dog had passed away and they wanted another dog to love and be a part of their life.  

They were so excited to welcome her into their family. This is the kind of family that every rescue dog dreams of !!


Kevin was adopted !

The gentleman who adopted him said that as soon as he laid eyes on him he knew that Kevin was the dog he had been waiting for!

Thank you very much Coach Cano for adopting this extra-special pup!



(the sweet pit bull from San Bernardino Shelter) is happy and safe in her forever home.

 She was adopted by a very special lady.

Amber now has a family to love her.  A fenced yard to relax in and a little girl to play with.

 What more could a pit bull ask for?

Her new mom has re-named her, she is now called "Sasha"


Yuki (formerly know as Molly) was rescued from Moreno Valley Shelter 12/17/14 by 2 Crüe Rescue.

After a brief recovery from her spay & kennel cough

Yuki was groomed & on the road to Reno NV to meet her new family.


She was welcomed with love by Agnes & James.


Comet was rescued from the Moreno Valley Shelter.

 He was at risk of being euthanized and we knew that we had to save him before it was too late.

Comet’s life changed when Cheryl adopted him.

 He now knows what it feels like to be loved.

Comet is one of the sweetest dogs we have ever rescued, and we are so happy that we could help him.

   He is safe in his forever home and we couldn't be happier for him.